Holistic Living Essentials || Hand-crafted and curated with intention and mindfulness.                   

1300 Hemphill Street Fort Worth, TX 76104 || Tuesday- Saturday: 10am - 6pm



We offer a variety of air plants and succulents, hand-crafted ceramics, eco-friendly fabrics, natural bath products, incense, candles and other speciality gifts. With a rotating curated collection, you're sure to find just what you need to satisfy the soul.



We have a wide collection of essential oils, tonics, serums and essential oil infused bath products that have been ethically sourced from across the globe.  Naturally handcrafted with premium ingredients to bring you the full power of the Mother Earth.


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Come in and find your perfect crystal to guide you through your journey. We source crystals from a all over the world and hand select the best. With an open heart and clear intentions, crystals can bring strength, healing, creativity and more into your life. 


Events | Starting.2018

Join us and other locals every month for a creative mixup to your normal routine. Come learn about essential oils, home gardening, meditation, crystals, and empowering topics of all kinds. With rotating topics and speakers, these evening meet ups are meant to uplift the soul, awaken the mind, and stimulate healing from within.


1300 Hemphill St. Fort Worth TX

@ the corner of Magnolia with Panther City Salon

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OPEN: Tuesday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm  

CLOSED: Sunday - Monday

EMAIL: shopsundancer@gmail.com